The Saxophone Diaries: Stories and Tips from my 30+ years in music

Nearly 100 stories and nuggets of advice from my time as an Army musician in Virginia, Japan and Colorado, three years of being a self employed musician and service as a music educator. Sure to entertain, inspire and motivate musicians and non-musicians alike.  Available as a paperback and as an eBook on AMAZON.


40 Ways To Make Money As A Musician

40 proven ideas you can incorporate today to make money as a musician. Available as an eBook on AMAZON.

Forgive: One man's story of being molested and God's redemption

Forgive: One man’s story of being molested and God’s redemption

James shares his heart wrenching story of having an abusive dad, being molested by a friend of the family, but more importantly his successful journey of forgiving his abuser. That forgiveness led to his success today as a father, grandfather, teacher, musician and podcaster. He calls it “Forgive & Live . Available as an eBook on AMAZON.

albumart_jamesdivine13_200x200Fellowship of the Swing

Released 2014
Smooth jazz saxophonist James Divine plays your favorite old and new tunes in the style of Kenny G. Buy at CDBaby.