Online Course: 40 Ways to Make Money as a Musician

ALL musicians have the performance skills, but many are lacking in how to turn that into profit. In this course, you will learn 40 ideas on How To Make Money as a Musician.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or intermediate musician, there is something in this course for everyone. I (James Divine, the instructor), have been in the music business for 30+ years. I’ve implemented many of these ideas successfully myself, and have seen all of them be implemented by someone. The course is available on a platform called Udemy. Sign up HERE.

Professional/Personal Coaching

On at least 5-6 Occasions in his life, James has hired a coach to help him in his marriage, his career, his finances or even in regards to health. James now offers these coaching sessions to others. Whether you need just one hour to get you back on track or weekly/monthly help to make a complete turn-around in your life, James would like to help. For rates and availability, please contact him at jamesthedivine at gmail dot com.

Book: 40 Cheap Dates and Why You Should Take Them

In this eBook, James shares the importance of how “dating” has strengthened his and Susan’s 31+ year marriage. He offers 40 cheap date ideas that he and his sweetie have taken themselves. Order on AMAZON.


Book: The Saxophone Diaries: Stories and Tips from my 30+ years in music

Nearly 100 stories and nuggets of advice from my time as an Army musician in Virginia, Japan and Colorado, three years of being a self employed musician and service as a music educator. Sure to entertain, inspire and motivate musicians and non-musicians alike.  Available as a paperback and as an eBook on AMAZON.

 Book: Forgive: One man’s story of being molested and God’s redemption

James shares his heart wrenching story of having an abusive dad, being molested by a friend of the family, but more importantly his successful journey of forgiving his abuser. That forgiveness led to his success today as a father, grandfather, teacher, musician and podcaster. He calls it “Forgive & Live . Available as an eBook on AMAZON.

albumart_jamesdivine13_200x200CD: Fellowship of the Swing

Released 2014
Smooth jazz saxophonist James Divine plays your favorite old and new tunes in the style of Kenny G. Buy at CDBaby.