Crazy Italian. Musician. Husband. Father. Granddad. Cannoli Eater. Author.

There once was a little boy named Jimmy whose mom told him he could be anything he wanted…a policeman, a doctor, a lawyer, even the President of the United States. I exceeded all her expectations and became a music teacher!

I’m now a grown man with four kids (I married my high school sweetheart) and 10 grandkids. I love eating pizza, mountain biking,  spending time with family, and long walks in the mountains holding hands (sorry, I reserve that for only one person, and it’s not you). My shoe size is 9.5 but please don’t send me any shoes…I’ll tell you more about that in a minute.

I retired from full time teaching but still teach band part time at a charter school. The rest of my time is spent speaking, training, writing, podcasting, and performing. And often holding hands and eating pizza and cannoli.

Now for the boring, adult stuff…

I earned a bachelor’s degree from St. Joseph’s College in Maine and received my music education from the Army School of Music, graduating from the basic, intermediate, and advanced courses over a span of ten years,  serving in Virginia, Japan and Colorado. I retired from the Army Band in 2006. I earned a teaching license from Western Colorado University and completed a master’s in music education at Southwestern Oklahoma State University. I believe in the value of life-long learning! I just don’t like standardized testing.

Member of the following:
Colorado Music Educator’s Association
American School Band Directors Association
Order of the Sons and Daughters of Italy.

My life-long goal continues to be to ACT MY SHOE SIZE, NOT MY AGE

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I LOVE long walks on the beach with my beautiful wife
Me and my youngest son enjoying camping at the Great Sand Dunes
Bike riding with my lovely bride. You want to practice teamwork? Try riding a tandem.
My Zia Rosaria. We are both teachers and have similar life paths.
Visiting our German family.
The famous love bridge in Germany. The locks have lasted a LONG time – I hope the relationships have as well. We chose not to add our own lock – they were about $50 each locally.
Enjoying a marching band competition with my students.