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You can learn a lot at school, but there are so many things we DON’T learn at school but are important to living life well. I am a 22 year teacher who loves to have fun. Not only is this course informative, but it is also entertaining and to the point. You’ll learn the following and more…
How To Make a Phone Call
How To Sew on a Button
How to Apologize (and how to accept an apology)
How To Clean (bathroom, kitchen, fridge, clothes…)
How To Write a Thank You Note (and how often)
How To Cook
How To Make a Decision
Happy adulting!
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I love everything about being Italian…the food, the music, the beautiful people, the scenery. This book will give you a glimpse into what life as an Italian is like. You take the best part of being Italian, the best part of being American, put them together and you get ME. I hope you will laugh, cry, and eat more delicious pasta.
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Lack of forgiveness holds many people back from attaining the full potential that God has for them. It did for me! I was molested by a friend of the family and harbored hate, un-forgiveness and murderous thoughts in my head. At the age of 16, I made the startling observation that lack of forgiveness was hurting ME, not my perpetrator. I started the first step of the forgiveness journey. The first step was just the beginning of a 1,000 step journey.
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What do you learn in the music business in 30 years? A lot.  James shares stories, tips and inspiration from his 30 year career in the music field – first as an Army band member in Japan, as well as experiences and lessons learned as a self-employed musician and public school music teacher.
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Get Started Writing a Book – Online Udemy course. Enroll at Udemy
Everything you need to know from writing, editing, self-publishing, and marketing the book inside of you.
In this course you will learn how to write, format and publish your eBook on the free Kindle Direct Publishing platform. You’ll also learn strategies for gaining time in your life to be able to write. It’s actually possible to complete an eBook in just a few days. My most popular book, “40 Ways To Make Money as a Musician” was written, uploaded and published in about three days. It was a shorter book and the material was developed over a lifetime as a musician. Most of my books have taken about 9 months working on them an hour or two a day.
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Heal My Insides
Listen to (free) “Heal My Insides” – the song I wrote about my forgiveness journey – HERE

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I’ve taken the melodies that were originally for hammered dulcimer and pan flute and layered them in saxophone sounds with my 1920s Conn Vintage Tenor Sax and my soprano sax. I know you’ll love it!
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Kumbaya is an African Spiritual. This has been the song of mine that has been played and downloaded the most over my 30+ year career. I hope you enjoy the rhythm of the drums and the sweet soprano saxophone!
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Many musicians have the musical skills, the chops, but just need a little help with some ideas on how to create multiple streams of income. The jobs where you can just play 100 concerts a year and earn a living are few and far between, but you CAN make money as a musician using these 40+ tried and true ideas.
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