James Divine – Motivational Speaker

Poverty – Abusive Father – Homelessness – Sexual Abuse

I’ve lived through all of these. I had to overcome them as I realized that I could have a better future than what my life had dictated. I love sharing my journey, but more importantly, sharing the steps I took to overcome and leave these events in the PAST where they belong. I want people to know Your Now doesn’t determine your FUTURE. In the past 24 years, I’ve shared this message with tens of thousands of people to help them change their mindset, overcome their past, and move to their best future.

Count on me to be humorous, interactive, engaging, full of insights, stories, music, and different characters, (my 95 year old grandfather – Papa Jimmy – likes to make an appearance to share his wit and wisdom). I’m half-Italian and it shows. In all cases you will get a presentation uniquely tailored to your group. I promise to be the easiest speaker to work with. Watch some of the videos below and then CLICK HERE to contact me or click below to get a description of my three keynote speeches and dozen breakout sessions available.


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Quotes from others

“Are you seeking an engaging, funny storyteller who will leave your audience wanting more? James Divine is a delightful speaker whose stories leave you feeling as if you’ve always known him. If he has his saxophone, expect a lovely bonus!”— Michelle Mras, Award Winning Inspirational TEDx Speaker, Coach, Author and Podcast Personality, www.MichelleMras.com

“During the COVID-19 pandemic we had James Divine speak at our online chapel service via zoom. I was impressed that even though his message was aimed at our students it really resonated with me as well and encouraged me to trust God more deeply. We had a wide range of ages there from elementary to high school. In spite of that, James did an excellent job of making it relatable for all ages. At the end he played one of his original saxophone pieces. It was delightful and relaxing to hear him play, giving us a chance to reflect on the message and God’s word.” –Johanna Caron, Teacher, RCE International School, Philippines

“James Divine is an amazing speaker. He is funny, humorous and quite a delight to watch! If you ever get a chance to hear him speak, do so! If you ever get a chance to hire him, grab the chance, you won’t be sorry!

James Divine was the lunchtime keynote speaker for my Be Authentically U event on September 7th 2019 and he did not disappoint! All eyes were on him, I did not see one person looking at their phone as he had captured their attention with his Italian stories and costumes weaving in various characters from his life. By the end of his speech our bellies were hurting from laughing so hard and our hearts were touched!” — Trisha Trixie, Greenwood Village Colorado, Faith-based Empowerment Specialist

“It was such a blessing to have James come and share his story with our College Bible Study group. It is encouraging how God can redeem even the hardest moments of our lives and use that to impact the lives of others. Thank you James for being willing to give of your time to come and share with the students and make a difference.” … Brandon Anderson, DARE Ministries

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