Coronavirus Links

As a Title I middle school teacher, I personally am ready to go back to school now – with some precautions in place. When I get into discussions with others, they sometimes ask me why I feel comfortable going back. I had not really saved any of the things I was reading and studying, but now I will start doing so and posting some here.

American Academy of Pediatrics – Guidelines for reopening schools

COVID losing its epidemic status (7/4/2020)

Evidence suggests COVID not as deadly as thought (6/12/2020)

Asymptomatic spread of COVID rare says WHO (6/8/2020)

Reopening schools in Denmark did not worsen outbreak

Lay-off related deaths

California doctors say they’ve seen more deaths from suicide than Corona

“The real way to recognize good scholars from bad ones is to recognize that good scholars appeal to primary sources, are well-read on opposing views, discuss them, and present them in their strongest form, even when disagreeing with them.”…Neil Shenvi

I am open to learning new things about COVID. I am not an expert, but I also don’t cave to fear. As a Title I middle school teacher, I am ready to go back into the classroom today. Our kids need us!

If you disagree, that’s ok. If you are older and more at risk, or have other concerns, go talk respectfully to your admin and see if something can be worked out. I bet you some parents won’t want their kids back, so the schools are going to need some teachers who are completely online.

If you disagree, please don’t pour out hate. You’re allowed to disagree.