Resources on Race

These are some articles and podcasts that have helped and taught me…

Breonna Taylor and Justice

The Just Thinking Podcast: The Church of BLM

Hear from Civil Rights Leader Dr. John M. Perkins

The Just Thinking Podcast: Black Lives Matter?

Miles McPherson interview – Hope for a Divided Nation

Starting the conversation of racism with students and kids

Two detectives share their perspective on George Floyd

Reform needed in police departments

Boots Riley talks about his run in with a police officer

Star Parker about systemic racism

Officer Tatum on White Privilege

Just Thinking Podcast – on George Floyd

Values Matter – Skin Color Doesn’t

Story of a family that faced years of racist attacks

A lady shares her views (this one has some politics in it)

Interview with Kay C. James

Ken Blackwell – former Concinnati mayor – response to riots

Sophia Nelson – an honest conversation about race

Two police detectives look at reform in police departments