Sax Music

Purchase and download my music on iTunes. There are many different albums to choose from and you will be helping me to create more wonderful music. You can also purchase some of my albums RIGHT HERE at my store. Click on “Store” above.

Do you need live music at your event, or better yet, an inspirational speaker who uses music as part of his presentation? Perhaps you want an original song dedicated to someone you love? Contact me HERE and let me know what you’re thinking of.

Flowing Water At Sunset is an original by me. It paints a picture of relaxing by a stream and enjoying God’s creation while the sun slowly sinks behind the glorious Rocky Mountains.

We are so fortunate to live in this great country where we enjoy unparalleled liberties and freedoms. That’s why America The Beautiful is such an important song to me.  I thank God daily for our freedoms.

I like to take songs that are normally not jazz and create a new, jazzed up version of the song. Here is Old Folks At Home. Many of you may know it by Way Down Upon The Swanee River. Hope it brings thoughts of summer and family to your spirit.

Cruisin’ with Marilyn is another original. It paints a picture of being on a cruise and letting the worries of life flow away. The song is dedicated to my mother in love Marilyn, who is a cruise travel specialist. Hope this song inspires you to take a cruise. If so, get connected with Marilyn at

How do people make it through life without God! My faith has been an important part of my life ever since I can remember. It helped me on my journey of forgiveness after being molested by a friend of the family. It helps me be a better husband, father, teacher. It helps me when life doesn’t seem to work. When I am all alone, Give Me Jesus (by Fernando Ortega).

You can fulfill all your dreams today by buying my music! Just kidding, but you don’t have to wait for somewhere Over The Rainbow before life becomes fulfilling. Hope you enjoy this cover from the Wizard of Oz.

This is another original by me. It’s called Yo Da Man G-Daddy and is dedicated to my father in love. He’s a superhero to my grandkids, hence the name. The story of how he got that name are included in the song. Don’t laugh at my attempt to sing. I think I actually did well!

As The Deer pants for the water, so my soul longs for you Lord.

You won’t hear any lyrics by Louis Armstrong on this cover, but this version of What A Wonderful World will still make your day.