Episode 231 – Setting Boundaries and Saying No Nicely

Remember Nancy Reagan’s theme from the 1980s to Just Say No to drugs? She was made fun of, but it is an effective strategy. You may not struggle with drugs, but I bet you do struggle with saying no!

When you say yes youre saying no to something else. Many miss the great doing the good

Say NO to overtime so you can say YES to your family
Say NO to overeating so you can say YES to a better quality life
Say NO to going out to eat so you can say YES to your retirement account

Here are some real NOs I have said…

I said NO to helping in the school musical so I could say YES to conducting a community orchestra.
I said NO to playing at coffee houses so I could say YES to spending time at home.
I say NO everyday to the candy bars so I can say YES to size 32 pants.
I said NO to teaching lessons so I can say YES to writing and practicing music.
I said NO to the snooze button so I could say YES to reading my Bible.
I said NO to Starbucks so I could say YES to a cruise with my honey.

Overall, I have found that developing a relationship with a principal before you need anything is the best bet. Does it always work? No, some are jerks – but many are just overwhelmed in their own jobs. Many are better managers than leaders. If you can make yourself the teacher that needs the least attention (grades in time, follow procedures, early to meetings, call parents), you will find this goes a long way. 

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Say NO today so you can say YES!


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