Sometimes You Need a Coach

Ever since I was a little boy, I have gone against the grain. I remember sitting outside the Base Exchange in Naples, Italy, selling my used comic books after I was done reading them. As a 7 year old, I would knock on doors asking apartment dwellers if I could take their trash out for a quarter. I always had money in my pocket!

Many of my friends in high school decided to pursue something other than their dream job because it “paid better” or was “more practical”. I was fortunate to have a mom who encouraged me to be and do whatever I wanted. She had confidence in me. I have always been doing my dream job (except for that year at age 30 delivering pizzas, but I did learn a lot during that time).

If I said everything was always perfect, I would be lying, but when I look back, the difficult times were often due – as Zig Ziglar would say – to “stinkin thinkin”.

I joined the Army band right out of high school. I had a blast until the Army moved me to Japan and I was away from my family for four months. That’s when I started my “stinkin thinkin” and was not a fun person to be around. It had a negative effect on me and my family (thanks to my sweetheart for putting up with me).

I was in the Army for ten years and knew it was time for a change, so I became a self-employed touring musician. Times were tough, mainly because of poor decisions I made and not knowing how to price myself.

I delivered pizzas about twenty hours a week just to make ends meet. When a part time band teacher position opened up, I took it so I could quit pizza delivery.

I liked my previous jobs but I was PASSIONATE about teaching. That eventually went to full time, so I had to cut back on the performing.

There are sometimes difficult times when teaching in public school, but most Mondays I am raring to be back at work, teaching music to young people. There is nothing that I would rather do.

When I talk to my friends – most of whom hate their jobs – I realize how fortunate I am to have a job I love. I have started to realize that many of them made the wrong choice as teenagers. The choice to give up something they loved to do something they hated…all for money.

Once you start making that choice, it is harder to come back to something you love. God created work, and it was around before the fall. God told Adam to work and care for the garden. Somewhere in our history, work has turned into a dirty word. Find something you love to do, do it with passion and as unto the Lord.

***Sometimes you just need a coach. If you need a coach, sign up with me HERE. I specialize in the music and education fields, as well as transitioning military.