Graduation Speech


Welcome: Professor Jimmy

Invocation: Jimmy D-Light

National Anthem: James Divine

Commencement Address: Papa Jimmy


Professor Jimmy – Professor Jimmy teaches music at Southern Colorado University of Music (SCUM). His courses include: Concert Banned (a history of people who were kicked out of their middle school band), OrcaStra (an eight piece ensemble which uses sampled sounds of the great Orca whale to perform their own arrangements of the classic literature), and Music Depreciation (a study in how quickly instruments devalue over time and how many jazz musicians – although seeming quite poor – would be millionaires if they sold all their equipment).

Jimmy D-Light – Jimmy D is a rap musician. He currently resides in Seahaven with his wife and kids. Jimmy D collaborates often with Truman, who is also from Seahaven. D once was living a not very good life. He attributes part of this to being separated at birth from his identical triplets and growing up in foster homes. He has reconnected with his brothers and reignited his relationship with Jesus Christ.

James Divine – James teaches middle school band and orchestra. He also married his HS sweetheart. They have four beautiful kids and six grandkids. They enjoy long hikes and spending time together. James is also a public speaker – mostly to youth organizations and schools. Find out more at

Papa Jimmy – Papa Jimmy was born in Naples, Italy approximately 1926. He was born at home – so there is no birth certificate. He is hoping that since he can’t find it, that maybe one day he can run for President of the United States. He enjoys spending time with his wife, eating and making meatballs, and taking naps.