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I’d love to talk to you about the possibility of coming to your event! When you hire me, you get me for the entire day. No sneaking in right before my keynote and leaving as soon as I am done to catch the flight to the next event. I love meeting new people, sharing ideas and especially comparing meatball recipes (mine are the best). I love to incorporate music, comedy and sometimes even a little magic into my presentation.

Cost and Contact
My usual fee is $5800. I handle my own travel arrangements (included in the price to make it easy for you) but ask that you provide a hotel room at the conference site. There is an additional cost for events outside the 48 states or for multi day events. Contact me here: Contact James Divine. Let me know some details of your event.

– Forgive & Live – Leaving the past behind so you can become everything you were meant to be
– How Music Saved My Life
– Growing up Italian
– How to Make It In The Music Business
– Surviving 21 years of teaching
– Leadership lessons from the Army
– Working with foreign cultures (I’ve lived in Italy 2 years and in Japan 3 years)

Growing Up Italian Video Clip
If you grew up Italian – or wish you had – you’ll love this quirky video where I share stories about my mom’s wooden spoon, why I’m afraid of the police and the special button I wore to church.

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Keynote: How Music Saved My Life

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As a little boy, James was known as Jimmy. His best friend Manny lived next doo. Jimmy and Manny would play outside in the large backyard with Snoopy. When it was time to eat a snack or lunch, the boys could be found together in either of their mom’s kitchens eating something delicious.

At the age of five, near the end of Kindergarten, Jimmy had some tragic things happen to him. As Jimmy became James and understood more of what happened, a rage began to ignite within him. A rage that grew into murderous thoughts by the time he was 16.

At the age of 16, James began his forgiveness journey. It wasn’t easy. It’s still not over. James realized that un-forgiveness was holding HIM back…holding him back spiritually, emotionally, financially. If he was to live in fullness of life, he HAD to Forgive & Live. If he wanted success in relationships, he HAD to Forgive & Live.

At the age of 30, James began to share this Forgive & Live message to audiences all over the United States using story telling, music and comedy. He is now a successful husband, father, grandfather, teacher, musician and speaker thanks to a Forgive & Live approach to life. James wants to see everyone start his own Forgive & Live journey.

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Benefits of a James Divine Keynote

– As the Army say, Be All That You Can Be, spiritually, physically, emotionally and financially.

– Many people who have been abused feel they are the only ones who have gone through such a tragedy. In James’ keynote they discover they are NOT ALONE in this journey of having been abused and forgiving

– Start their own Forgive & Live Journey

– Laugh, Cry and Be Fully Engaged

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